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At the 2011 Balloon Festival, NPA joined the festivities.  This was more than just a fireworks display, it was a Pyrotechnic Experience.  The club continues to come to Parties on the Green not only for the Balloon Festival but for a safe place to practice what it is they do best.

photo by Scott Oppen

Formed in late 2010, the NPA is the culmination and determination of various northwest groups/professionals, and is the sole successor to the NorthWest Pyrotechnic Arts Association (NWPAA). In many ways, the NPA and NWPAA are one in the same. We hope to bring back what was an active community, share our knowledge through educational classes and hands-on activities, and ultimately act as a political voice for our region of the United States. Our current board members seek advice from the former NWPAA directors and we also share the same goals and structure as our predecessors. We are fully insured and hope to have multiple shoots and classes every year. Please feel free to join us and help support the pyrotechnic arts.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Northwest Pyrotechnics Association shall be to promote and encourage safe, legal, and artful pyrotechnic operation throughout the
Northwest through training, demonstration, and exchange of information.
If you would like to make a donation to NPA for Fireworks at The Quincy Balloon Festival or other shoots, please contact us or you can mail your donation to:

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Northwest Pyrotechnics Association
PO Box 33327
Seattle, WA 98133-0327